A Night Out Of The Ordinary

The room was shadowy as if lit for a stage play;

in part murky, in part gloomy, close to dark.

Something from outside was materializing,

something vague, something indefinable.

And this is how it was;

how it was that night when the clouds cleared.

An immaculate moon teased a cool radiance

over the hills and across the sky.

No smiling, deceitful moonbeams,

no grinning shafts of light,

just a pool of charmed, blue-tinged light

that arrived second-hand from an unseen sun.

Instantly you could tell this was a night out of the ordinary.

The light eased across furniture, patted ornaments,

felt its way into corners where angles convene.

A stirring light, a light perhaps created by industrious fairies

for it looked enchanting –

a silk-thread width away from being magical.

It was a night out of the ordinary – just as I said.

John Rice

Please note that the poems are copyright John Rice 2014 and cannot be reproduced without the express permission of the author.

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