Looking for a writer in schools? Look no further. John Rice does that. In fact, he's brilliant at it. He'll educate, elucidate, enumerate and eviscerate. Actually, not that last part, that would be awful.

Fanfare For The Common Cold

Hail spirited spring!

you raiser-up of flowers;

you offer us sunshine,

then soak us with showers!

Hail supreme summer!

you creator of pollen;

brings a tear to my eye,

(immune system fallen!)

Hail awful autumn!

you raiser of breezes;

you grant us the shivers,

you award us the sneezes!

Hail hearty winter!

you bringer of snowfalls;

you treat us to coughing,

you award us the sniffalls!

John Rice

The author encourages parents, teachers and librarians to read the poems to children and young people. However, the poems are copyright John Rice 2014 and cannot be reproduced without the express permission of the author.

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