John Rice is a poet and performer who has never eaten frog's legs, even when the French won the World Cup. He supports Liverpool and Celtic, anyway.
You could spring into action at any time. But you won’t.
If I’ve got you pegged right, you won’t read to the end of this parag… HEY!! Wake up!

You’re the type of person who – as we say in poetry circles – is as idle as the day is yawn. Can’t be bothered to do much, can you? If this were a poem, you’d probably like to rhyme ‘rhyme’ with time all the time, time and time again, wouldn’t you?

What about ‘dime’? Or ‘slime’? Or ‘ ‘? (That was mime.) Plenty of other words to go around! But no, you just bore everyone to tears with the same old half-baked poetry garbage. You have the brains, you have the brawn (poets are very strong) but do you have the MOTIVATION TO WRITE POETRY??

I remember when I was your age, back in 1743, when I first decided to become a poet… I discussed the matter with (EDITOR’S NOTE – John Rice went off on a very long and boring tangent about sailing the poet sea at this point. We’ll cut to the end, thirty minutes later.)

And that’s how I became a poet. How about you?

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