School visits by a writer can be educational, fun and enlightening. Poet John Rice may be none of these things, but he's better than a lazy cat sleeping in a patch of sun.

Lost Proprty Ofice

Pair of sunglases.

A walking stic.

Flowr pot.

A trumpt.

A child’s tedy bear.

Gentlman’s brown hat.

Nike runing shoe (left foot).

Box of white candls.

A libray book.

Pilow case (with embroidered elephant).

Set of fals teeth.

Plastic bnana.

Tenis racquet.

Hot water bttle.

Pair of scisors.


A child’s Disny watch.

A mouse (not a real one – a cmputer mouse!)

Smal suitcase.

Green flask with red beakr.

Map of London undergrond.

Silver whisle.

Larg jar of Vaseline.

Nine e’s

three l’s

two n’s

two o’s

two s’s

one a

one d

one f

one k

one r

one t

and one u.

If lost, please find.

John Rice

The author encourages parents, teachers and librarians to read the poems to children and young people. However, the poems are copyright John Rice 2014 and cannot be reproduced without the express permission of the author.

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