Why Is Poetry Important?

Poetry and Writers Visiting Schools - Two Important Things, According To Poet, Storyteller, Writer and Author John Rice

A Visit From A Poet Can Have A Profound Effect On Children

Creating a life-long reader starts at an early age. Having a writer in school – even if only for one day – supports the teachers’ long-term efforts by creating a ‘highlight’ occasion during which children’s and young people’s reading can be enriched and empowered.

Reading for pleasure and the enjoyment to be had from listening to stories are key objectives in any literacy strategy whether in school and or in a library. But first the child/young person has to be enthused and convinced that reading can be truly enjoyable. Author visits are an essential stimulus for young readers and listeners as they generate enthusiasm, provide enrichment opportunities and they are great fun! Having a writer in school also motivates teachers and often provides them with fresh ideas.

Meeting a ‘real’ writer leaves a lasting and profound effect on children and young people.

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